“There is no place where espionage is not possible.”
~ Sun Tzu.

The video of Sibel Edmonds’ deposition has been released and can be viewed here. The entire deposition is broken down into a series of five videos of about 10 minutes each.

A transcript of the deposition is available here in .pdf.

There’s some information on the Krikorian-Schmidt case from a local Ohio newspaper, which is carrying links to the video and transcript, as well as an explanation of Sibel’s role in the deposition:

In preparation for the Sept. 3 hearing, Krikorian’s lawyer requested a subpoena for well known whistleblower and former interpreter for the FBI, Sibel Edmonds. The OEC declined to enforce the subpoena, however Edmonds agreed to speak to Krikorian and Schmidt’s lawyers on a voluntary basis.

The video deposition was brought forward by Krikorian’s counsel to provide background on the alleged involvement of the Turkish government in Congressional affairs through blackmail, bribery, and campaign contributions filtered through various organizations. Edmonds also describes Turkish infiltration of the Pentagon and Air Force.

Edmonds’ deposition is significant because she has twice been “gagged” by a State Secrets exemption from testifying for a 9/11 investigation and a Congressional hearing.

By various Internet bloggers she has been called the most gagged woman in the U.S.

[ . . . ]

Edmonds (who is Turkish-American) called as a witness for Krikorian (who is Armenian-American) testified to infiltration, bribery, corruption, and blackmail within the U.S. Government, by current and former members of the U.S. House and other high ranking officials, on behalf of Turkish interests.

Take a look at the Ohio paper link and note the comments. There you’ll see one by the ATAA’s president-elect, Ergün Kirlikovalı, whose racism was mentioned previously on Rastî.

For more on the deposition, see the links at “Turkish Espionage Operations Target Congress”.


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