“Manifestly, the Obama DOJ has one goal and one goal only here: to prevent any judicial ruling as to whether the Bush NSA warrantless eavesdropping program was illegal. And they’re engaging in extraordinary efforts to ensure that occurs.”
~ Glenn Greenwald.

I wanted to point out a few things tonight.

Firstly, Zerkesorg has posted a montage video of the Kurdish situation under the boot of America’s “Model of Democracy” for the Middle East. He also has a post about a recent development in Turkey, in which a former soldier provided information about a mass grave inside a Turkish military garrison, so make sure to take a look at that.

Most people in the US realize that Starbucks has had some problems recently, beginning last year when the company announced it would 600 stores. Things haven’t been so smooth for Starbucks in Turkey, either, as Gordon Taylor informs us with a little help from the WSJ.

Finally, over at Sibel Edmonds’ place, she’s posted the first of her podcasts. At this point, she intends to post two podcast interviews a month. Her inaugural podcast features an interview with James Bamford, who is an investigative journalist who specializes in digging the dirt on the intelligence community. In this podcast, we learn that two Israeli companies conduct the interception of your telecommunications companies.

Check the link for more information on Bamford’s work and make sure and listen to the podcast. You’ll never look at your cell phone, or your computer, in the same way again.


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