“If liberty and equality, as is thought by some are chiefly to be found in democracy, they will be best attained when all persons alike share in the government to the utmost.”
~ Aristotle.

Oh, the power of DTP’s victory!

The AKP’s representative in Baghdad, Celal Talabanî, suddenly claims that he never said PKK must lay down arms or get the hell out of Dodge. Talabanî suddenly claims his remarks were taken out of context.

Well this is a fat lie because he made his statement on 23 March when Gül stopped by for a visit. In fact, Talabanî went even further; instead of simply saying that PKK had to lay down its arms or get out of Iraq, he clearly implied that PKK fighters were “terrorists”. See Radikal.

The about-face of this two-faced so-and-so is a result of two things. The first is the criticism of Talabanî’s remarks during his visit to Ankara by DTP politicians, as well as continuing criticism afterward in the week leading up to the elections. Among those voices of criticism, the most powerful was Leyla Zana’s. The second is DTP’s electoral overthrow of AKP in the Kurdish region.

In Agirî (Ağrı) there have been some developments that are worth watching. Apparently a de facto OHAL has been called for the province as protestors in Agirî city clashed with AKP’s security forces (the police) after it was announced that 3,000 votes for DTP were voided. Twenty people have been arrested although 100 people that were held in custody were beaten by police in the street.

Once upon a time, it was enough for the Ankara regime to imprison Kurdish parliamentarians. Now it terrorizes them. DTP Wan (Van) parliamentarian Özdal Üçer was attacked by AKP police in the street while he was trying to talk to the AKP-appointed governor. Other DTP parliamentarians were with Üçer when the attack took place, including Pervin Buldan (Îdir/Iğdır), Hamit Geylani(Colemêrg/Hakkari), and Nezir Karabaş (Bidlîs/Bitlis). The AKP-appointed governor Halil İbrahim Akpınar threatened the deputies, saying, “From now on you will see what we’re going to do then.”

Events in Agirî beg the question: If the people had voted for AKP, would they be protesting the cancellation of 3,000 DTP votes? It is also clear that as long as there are pigs like Halil İbrahim Akpınar, there will be a need for HPG.

Oh, yeah . . . remember this? Then check out this on financial terrorists:

[blip.tv ?posts_id=1935192&dest=-1]



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