“A little rebellion now and then…is a medicine necessary for the sound health of government.”
~ Thomas Jefferson.

There were interesting developments last week and over the weekend as regards the local elections, part of which includes a demand by the people of Şirnex (Şırnak) that the AKP-appointed governor resign. From Yeni Özgür Politika:

Protests are not ending in Şırnak

There was a big walking protest in front of Silopi’s DTP branch building to condemn the attack of village guards against DTP delegates in Uludere, Sêgirkê, and the governor’s unresponsiveness to the issue. In the protest, in which DTP’s Şırnak parliamentarian Hasip Kaplan attended, thousands of people called for the governor’s resignation. Citizens of Silopi shouted “Governor resign”, “Damn the governor”, “PKK is the people, the people is here”, and “Long live Serok Apo”, as they assembled for the opening of a DTP election bureau at Sanat Street.

“Erdoğan cannot set a foot in this region”

During the opening at Sanat Street, DTP Sirnak parliamentarian Hasip Kaplan praised the people of Silopi by proving themselves against the system. Kaplan continued, “In Şırnak with the people’s power, we received the highest votes. In the local elections we will repeat this victory with a record voting rate. Now the local elections have turned into general elections because the local elections will determine the fate of the Kurdish people”. Mentioning that Erdogan cannot dare to come to the Şırnak region, Kaplan said, “We are the ones in Şırnak’s square. AKP implements policies dependent on the US and Israel, whereas we implement policies based on our people. When we talk about peace and democracy to Erdoğan, his hair stands on end. He is this much anti-peace. He cannot come to Şırnak region because if he comes, we will give him a sack of coal and send him back. That is why he cannot put a foot in this region.

“We’re going to hound the governor”

Bringing attention to the attacks by village guards in Sêgirkê, Kaplan said, “After the incident in Silopi’s Görümlü town, the other day our party’s convoy was attacked by village guards who are paid and given weapons by the state. The instigator of these attacks is Sirnak’s governor and the military. With our people, we will go after these incidents. We are maintaining our protests until the weapons of these gangs are taken from their hands and brought to justice.” Pointing out that Şırnak’s governor is an AKP partisan. Kaplan said, “Since the day Şırnak governor Alii Yerlikaya came to Şırnak, he gathered village guard chiefs and military commanders and visited houses one by one, and he makes AKP’s election propaganda. However, we know very well to which house this governor goes and what he eats there. A governor like him, who is not the state’s governor, but the governor of a political party, does not have any place in Şırnak. This governor cannot stay here anymore. These people are rebelling against this governor. We will show him what it means to wink at the attack against this people’s parliamentarian.” Stressing the excavation of Silopi’s BOTAŞ wells, Kaplan said, “For years and years many lives were taken from us. The people of Silopi said at that time ‘You will face our bones’. Behold today BOTAŞ wells are being opened and they are facing our bones. No one can get away with wickedness against this people. Everyone will be held accountable to this people! No one has the power to play with this people’s honor.”

Candidate mayor was wounded

On 10 March DTP delegates were attacked by village guards, after DTP went to Sêgirkê town to condemn an attack against them in the same town by AKP. At the entrance of the town the convoy in which DTP Şırnak parliamentarian Hasip Kaplan, Şırnak mayor Ahmet Ertak, DTP Şırnak chief Halil Irmez, and many mayor candidates were present, some 40 village guards attacked them with stones and sticks. Windshields of many of the convoy vehicles were broken and DTP Şırnak mayor candidate Ramazan Uysal was beaten by village guards with the butt of a Kalishnikov and was wounded.

You go, Şirnexîs, you go! And the same for Hasip Kaplan, you go, boyfriend. Drive the rats out!

On the crumbling capitalist front, I could almost give a “Go!” to American Senator Grassley when he said the following about the AIG blood suckers:

“The first thing that would make me feel a little bit better towards them [is] if they would follow the Japanese example and come before the American people and take that deep bow and say I’m sorry and then either do one of two things: resign or go commit suicide,” Grassley told WMT radio.

I say I could almost give a “Go!” but I don’t because now the senator is claiming that he was only being rhetorical. In my opinion, suicide is too good for these vermin. I’m waiting to see the Czar Nicholas II solution applied.

Speaking of rats . . . the AKP-appointed Amed (Diyarbakır) governor Hüsayin Avni Mutlu is going to distribute 1,200 Turkish Lira and appliances to selected families in the Amed region, just as happened in Dersim a few weeks ago and just as the Higher Election Board (YSK) has forbidden. Apparently, the same scenario is being played out by AKP in the CHP stronghold of the Tekirdağ area. What this means is that the AKP is absolutely desperate, terrified, and they should be because if they lose The Southeast, the paşas, who have been patiently biding their time, are going to go after AKP with a vengeance.

For more on rats and vermin, you can check a little update on the JİTEM acid wells at Zaman. Apparently dozens of bones have been found in acid wells in the Cizîr (Cizre) region. Remember, Turkish Hezbollah was a tool of the state and operated by JİTEM.


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