“That government is the strongest of which every man feels himself a part.”
~ Thomas Jefferson.

Straight from the horse’s mouth in Amed, so to speak, is a DTP bulletin on the situation surrounding the upcoming local elections. Basically, it’s a run down of the usual stinky shenanigans that the Ankara regime always pulls whenever there’s an election.

I have to say that the funniest thing about the International Women’s Day demonstrations that took place in Turkey over the weekend was a march in Istanbul in which Kurdish women carried effigies of washing machines with signs that said even the machines won’t wash you, AKP.

Let me also say that the most awesome thing about the Women’s Day demonstrations was the amount of Kurdish women that turned out for them. I’m willing to bet that there is no place on earth where women turn out in such numbers for these demonstrations as the Kurdish women of Turkey, and everyone is there, from young to old. There are no more politically-aware women anywhere in the Middle East or in the entire world. Of course, this political consciousness would not exist if not for Öcalan and the PKK.

Without further ado, here’s DTP’s election bulletin, in its entirety and thank you very much to the heval who sent it:

The DTP Bulletin on Local Elections in Turkey, 29 March 2009

The Bulletin was prepared by the Democratic Society Party (DTP) Foreign Affairs Office, 1 January 2009 to 15 February 2009

1 January 2009: Official schedule has started

Supreme Election Commission announced that 19 parties will join to the local elections in 29th March 2009. But Peace and Democracy Party or BDP and People’s Growth Party or HYP were ignored by virtue of organizational imperfection. BDP and HYP made official objections. The commission accepted these parties’ objections. Hereby, 21 parties had participation right to the elections.

11 January 2009: Voters: Soldiers; Address: Cowshed

Local Election’s voter registers have been exhibited in 5th January 2009. And then exhibited registers have appeared a lot of unlawful executions. The most marked suspicion is the explosion of voter counts. One of the spotted unlawful events is soldiers’ voting addresses. Near 1000 soldiers from 2nd Mechanized Brigade just enrolled to Lice county of Diyarbakir. Even though private soldiers have not voting right, tens of private soldiers’ address registered to cowsheds contrary to the law. Besides, hundreds of soldiers’ addresses enrolled to Lice’s empty and ruinous houses. Cowshed and ruinous house dwellers are known as also enrolled to western cities such as Kastamonu, Antalya, Edirne and Bursa. Kali Quarter of Lice County elector population was 466 in the general elections of 2007. The quarter’s voter population increased interestingly in one year. Other Lice quarters’ voter population ncreased too. Lice’s old voters couldn’t identify the people who resh registered voters. Unknown voters address registered to same homes. It is spotted that about 150 unknown voters living in same home. Furthermore, 167 new voters have enrolled to only one house where 46 number in Karahasan Quarter. 84 new voters have enrolled to one house where 33/A number in Kali Quarter. 145 new voters have enrolled to one house where 33/C number in Kali Quarter. 182 new voters have enrolled to 5/1 and 5/2 number in Yesilburc Quarter. 107 new voters have enrolled to a house where 107 number in Camikebir Quarter. There are near 1000 new enrolled suspicious voters in Lice County for 29 March 2009 Local Election.

Democratic Society Party objected to the register of Lice. But Supreme Election Commission refused the objection due to “inadequate information” such as electors’ ID numbers.

21 January 2009: Cheating claims on electoral register in Girmeli Town

It was claimed that had spotted cheatings on register of voters in Girmeli Town of Mardin. DTP’s candidate for Girmeli Municipality Mr. Ömer Altun expressed AKP’s cheats. Mr. Yusuf Turgay, existing mayor of Girmeli who AKP member has enrolled his home unlawfully as 10 house. Besides, new voters have been added to registers from out of the town. So, some voters whom known as supports DTP has deleted from the registries darkly.

DTP Vice Chairman of Nusaybin County Mr. Adnan Agirman expressed AKP cheats about voter shifting to Girmeli. Mr. Agirman claimed that 1600 voters were imported from other cities. The voters whom shifted to Girmeli registries has spotted that most of them are government employee such as soldiers and BOTAŞ staff.

22 January 2009: Cheatings continue in Malazgirt

1200 teacher voters’ address has shown in 108th Artillery Regiment’s barracks that enrolled Malazgirt County of Muş. Most of teachers’ electoral registers were enrolled in western cities. Barracks are out of the control by civil authorities. Thus, there couldn’t any possibility for official and acceptable objection to the Supreme Election Commission. Mrs. Zozan Kabişen, DTP Vice Chairman of Malazgirt Town has indicated that government, political parties and military authorities are in alliance against DTP.

27 January 2009: Term of the election deceptions

390 members of Mixuri tribe who have been living in the villages have been registered as voter of Muradiye County of Van, by Nafis Ağaoğlu, Mayor of Muradiye from the Justice and Development Party or AKP. Allegedly 390 voters from Gültepe, Adaklı, Yukarıargıt, in Muradiye County of Van, have been registered as voter of Yavuz Selim, Kandahar, Şehit Mehmet Bey and Yenişehir Quarters in Muradiye County of Van. According to the allegations, 390 voters’ all kinds of official paper such as water bill, electricity bill have been prepared in the mentioned villages above. It has been proved that voters have used their relatives houses’ addresses in order to register in the district instead of their village and thereby there are some houses in which more than 15 people are living.

Nafiz Ağaoğlu, mayor of Muradiye from AKP also one of member of Mixuru tribe, has been accused of involving election deception by registering the 390 villagers -also member of Mixuri tribe- as the residents of district.

It is said; Osman Sönmez, head of the Democratic Society Party in Muradiye County, has appealed to Supreme Election Commission in company with documentary material. Sönmez indicated that “Involving deception during the election term is not new case for AKP. It is very clear, this time they have brought 390 members of their tribe from the villages. According to official records they must be registered in their villages, instead of the Muradiye County. This is an outlawed action. We are expecting from YSK to call-of these registrations as soon as possible, if not we are going to appeal to related official foundations.”

Dirty tricks on the voter lists

There have been the dirty tricks on the voter lists while local elections days are approaching. It has been understood that 125 people’ names took a place on the Ambar small town’s voter lists, even though some of them death while others were not the residents in Ambar which depend on Bismil Town of Diyarbakir. 51 names have been removed from the lists because of the Democratic Society Party’s objection to the Supreme Commission of Election or YSK. There have been still 74 names remained on the lists which are not supposed to be according to rules.

The presented voter lists includes more name than it is supposed to be because of the dirty tricks. Thus, the voter lists become unreliable. DTP applied to YSK in order to question about 125 voters registered on Ambar voter lists which even some of them death and others is not currently the residents in Ambar. After YSK’s decision over the application, 51 names were removed 74 names were still on the lists.

“There are a lot of tricks”

Mecit Ateş, mayor of Ambar from DTP, have reacted against YSK’s decisions by telling: “It has been clearly known that 74 voters who were not removed from the lists are not our resident. They have been living in some districts of Diyarbakir; especially people whose surname is “Çalışkan” have been living in the Collective Housing in Diyarbakir. Also, there are 3 voters’ names that have moved in Bursa some long years ago still on the lists. We are asking from YSK, according to the election rules, these 74 names have to be removed from the lists.” He said: We want a democratic election. The citizens should vote where they live in. Otherwise it will be dirty trick.”

30 January 2009: One more election trick from AKP in Tunceli

The Justice and Development Party or AKP’s election tricks have never been end. Latest issue occurred in Ovacık, district of Tunceli. Hasan Hüseyin Dizi, Mayor of Ovacık from AKP deceived by promising to wipe off villager debts who’s villages were burned by government in 1994 and resettled in public house on condition that to pay the cost of the houses in 15 years. It is learned that when the villagers went to the Special Provincial Administration or IOD to take back their money. According to the documents Mayor didn’t keep his promise and charged the houses money from villagers’ accounts.

A lot of people had to immigrate to the cities in connection with burning the numerous villages for so-called to fight against terrorism in 1994. The municipal administration had built 80 public houses for immigrants and gave them on condition that paying the cost of houses in 15 years. Recently Hasan Hüseyin Dizi stated in the public speech to wipe off villager’s rest of the debts just before the election and people went to the IOD to receive their money according to mayor’s announcement. It is understood that their debts were collected even though mayor’s promise and their land registries.

Sinan Yılmaz, one of victim in this case, said, we are aggrieved and we are going to take this case to the court. They charged all money cash without installment. According to the mayor’s explanation, firstly we were going to pay the cost of houses by installment. And then mayor promised us to wipe off all rest of the debts. As we can see, they charged all money we used to own in total, without installment. Even we ignore mayor’s promise, this is violating our rights.”

He pointed that the debts were calculated in different amount and there was no standards. Zülfikar Yılmaz and Ahmet Az also claimed Mayor Dizi on the grounds that unlawfully charging their debts in one time. On the other hand Mayor Hasan Hüseyin Dizi didn’t confirm the villagers’ allegation.

Unlawful voter transfers from Adana to Mardin

2000 voters and near 50 family whom reside in Seyhan County of Adana have transferred their electoral registers to Midyat County of Mardin. The illegal massive transfer supported by AKP’s regional authorities. It is known that, transferred voters realized the unlawful approaching in exchange for money. Mr. Ismail Tilhe, Yenibey Quarter Mukhtar exposed the unlawful situation. Mr. Tilhe explained that these are unlawful transfers which realized as involuntary of some voters. Mr. Tilhe added hat transferred voters’ registers in Midyat have been performed by pro-AKP village guards and tribe leaders.

DTP summit a petition to Supreme Election Commission for cancelling the vote transfer from Adana to Mardin. But the petition ignored by the commission.

2 February 2009: “We have never given up speaking in Kurdish”

Bekir Kaya, The Democratic Society Party or DTP’s candidate for local election in Van, reacted against the investigation about his Kurdish speaking and using “W” which is written on the election bus. This decision is anti-democratic, thus, everybody has to know and we are going to keep speaking our language and because of these prosecutors will be really busy in oncoming days. I should say for them “enjoy it” said Bekir Kaya.

There is a humorist and clever approach came from Bekir Kaya, the Democratic Society Party or DTP’s mayoralty candidate for the local election in Van, during his election visits. He had somebody to write “Wan” instead of “Van” on the election bus to use the same right with the government who can use Kurdish during the state run television channels in Kurdish. Even though there is Kurdish TV implementation in Turkey, the prosecutor didn’t take their time to open investigation about DTP and Bekir Kaya, on the grounds that using Kurdish during the election visits.

Van Police Department gave a crime report to the Chief Prosecutor of the Republic about Bekir Kaya on the grounds that to violate the Low of the Political Parties 81.article, which doesn’t allow to use language other than Turkish during the election visits or meeting, by speaking in Kurdish.

The mentioned law also forbids using Kurdish when writing a party program, guideline, banner etc. speaking in closed or opened meeting, using on video, visual or audible document, so on.

“AKP is a shammer”

The Justice and Development Party or AKP is shammer said Bekir Kaya when he was evaluating the investigation adding that: AKP have been making propaganda about broadcasting in Kurdish which does not mean Kurdish is free. Kurdish is still forbidden for other than government. This is a bilateral policy. Even though government’s suppression on us, we have never given up speaking Kurdish as Kurdish people.

He pointed out, this language is Kurdish people’ legitimate right and also he said: We are going to struggle against the law, until to provide constitutional guarantee to protect Kurdish. It is very clear that prosecutors will be very busy in these days. I have to say for them, “Enjoy it”.

60 voters registered to abandoned village

60 voters’ electoral registers have spotted in an abandoned village in Bismil Town of Diyarbakir. Mr. Nizamettin Fidan, DTP chairman of Bismil Town said that “we spotted a lot of cheatings in Bismil. We made our objection to Supreme High Commission. It is unlawful that only one person living in a house. But 60 people are registered as “voter” in the abandoned village.”

Also, AKP candidates have composed unlawful election mechanisms in Bismil Town. It is spotted a lot of illegal activity to change the election results.

5 February 2009: Who is in charge in Çukurca

Çukurca residents have been crying out in connection with being enfiladed by gendarmerie and government negligence on this issue which 5 people wounded.

Residents of Çukurca district of Hakkari who had been under the snow masked special forces’ fire on 3rd February, had been sit on them by gendarmerie, had been forced to flee from their houses in the nude in the middle of the night, are furious with government’s negligence in the face of army raid against them a couple days ago. Çukurca, on where zero point of Kurdistan Federative Region’s border, is a place no one including deputies gets in without interrogation, a place it’s district governor cannot control security forces, it’s residents have been enfiladed by gendarmerie. What the police, solder and special team did is the real terror. We do not want to stay in Turkey which considers us as its enemies, we want to move in to Iraq said Çukurca Residents who have been crying out in connection with being enfiladed by gendarmerie. Meanwhile it is said that prosecutor of Çukurca supported what has been done by the security forces by saying; you are free to prepare crime report, I do not allow to opening investigation about what they have done, they did what needs to be done.

Hamit Geylani, deputy of the Democratic Society Party, spot visit for research the event was questioned by gendarmerie, Çukurca’s qaimaqam stated that what happened on 3rd February is beyond of my capabilities, there was nothing I coul do to prevent this army raid, besides there is no official attempt in order to investigate the issue. It is thought that are we going back to 1990’s because of all these reasons.

Real atrocity in the region

2 of 5 citizens who were taken under custody at that day were arrested, Ergün Kaçmaz and Samet Erdem, by accusation of being a member of illegal organization by Hakkari Heavy Penalty Court. After 2 days being raked the houses still in uninhabitable condition with gas bombs’ smell, remaining from weapons, broken walls, bullets’ trace, and fear of the children’ eyes as the most important one. Moreover, according to allegation citizens’ 80 thousands Turkish Lira, which was the compensation for burning their house when they were in Narlı village, in Çukurca, had been confiscated by solder

70 years old man’s arm has fractured from 3 points Salih Erdem, 70 years old, whose arm was broken three times, explained the nightmare: It was 00.30 A.M. Our door was broken in sudden. Gas bombs were thrown in and then they got in and threw my grandchildren from their bad to the ground even baby, 6 months old. I have seen that they were trying to take out my son’s clothes and taking him out in the nude. I want to prevent them, but snow masked 3 people broke my arm in three places by butt stroke. They insulted us and stole our money; I’m going to sue them.

They blow down and sit on us, beat us, our furniture was on fire, my 7 years old child went through a grave crisis, mother in law paralyzed because of fear and gas bombs. I barely saved my children’ life and my mother is in hospital, said Belgin Erdem adding that: “This is the real terror what army, solder, police and special team have done to us. We have been facing a lot with such army raid, but this one was the worst one. ”

We do not want to live in Turkey

She also said that “This country considers us as enemy. Open the borders, we want to go to Iraq. To live in here is not secure. I hate from solder now.”

“They get in by broken the windows, they insulted us, threw bombs, look like we are the enemies. They even attacked to children” said Hüseyin Erdem, 72 years old.

Excruciating story repeats

For the Erdem family excruciating story repeats as well as others. This family used to live in Narlı Village, in Çukurca. They had had to immigrate to the district after their village house had been burned by the Turkish solder. They won compensation from the government because of that case, and this time compensate has been taken by special team forces, approximately 60 thousands Turkish Lira.

Zeynep Kaçmaz also stressed that she will be sue the solder and responsible officer to make them pay back their action by saying: They make us to feel hell by attacking everybody no exception for children or women, spilled our food, step on our body, didn’t allow us to put on our dress, made us wait outside until 6 A.M in the morning in middle of the winter. We are in shock, especially children.”

5 years old had been threatened by gun

Fatma Kaçmaz described that night as terror night. “They threatened my 5 years old child by gun. My mother in law still cannot speak because of fear. We are, my children and my house are miserable. Somebody has to pay back.” Said Kaçmaz.

Hamit Geylani, deputy of the Democratic Society Party or DTP has research on the spot and he said that, he is going to carry this case to the Turkish Grand National Assembly or TBMM’s agenda. If there is legality in Turkey, solder who is responsible, has to be brought to the court. Otherwise we are going to seek our rights via international law and institutions, said Geylani.

Qaimaqam is desperate as well

On the other hand Ferheng Yazgan, chair of Hakkari provincial council, stated that qaimaqam is desperate as well as people who had being raked. Qaimaqam told Yazgan; I’m not support what have been done but there was nothing I can do”. Yazgan highlighted that if qaimaqam doesn’t know anything this army raid must be a JITEM job. He also said that: The prosecutor of Çukurca supported what has been done by the security forces by saying; you are free to prepare crime report, I do not allow to opening investigation about what they have done, they did what needs to be done. We need to know who is in charge in Çukurca.

7 February 2009: 630 soldiers registered to one house

630 soldiers including gradeless and high ranking personnel, who have not the residents or officers of the village army department, have been registered as visitors who can vote in the election in little army department, Çukurca brigade command, which 28 personnel capacity. Election tricks have been run across day by day. Lately, 630 soldiers including gradeless and high ranking personnel, who have not the residents or officers of the village army department, have been registered as visitors who can vote in the election in little army department, Çukurca district brigade command in Hakkari, which 28 personnel capacity.

Allegedly soldiers whom are officers in Üzümlü, Çayırlı, Köprü, Çığlı villages, have been registered by brigade commander Zeki Es’s directive and permission document. Mehmet Kanar, Democratic Society Party or DTP’s mayoral candidate stated that they have objected to the Supreme Election Commission or YSK as DTP. “There were 2870 voters during the previous election in our area. 630 is a very significant number if we consider affecting the election results. These registrations are made to make us loser in the election. We are not going to be silent against these kinds of tricks and we believe even though their trick we will be a one who win the election.”

9 February 2009: Brigadier Commander threatens citizens for vote on AKP

Brigadier Commander threatened citizens for vote on AKP in Çukurca district of Hakkari in Southeastern Turkey where mainly Kurds live. Commander call the Kurdish citizens to gendarmerie stations and warned them by saying; “If AKP lose the election, this will not be good for you”.

Ruling party Justice and Development Party or AKP and its supporter such as army forces have increased oppression on the citizens to prevent them to voting on Democratic Society Party or DTP which most probably will win the local election on 29 th March around the east side of Turkey where mainly Kurds live. Lately, Kurds in Çukurca have received threat from Çukurca Brigadier to not vote on DTP. It is also alleged that brigadier and M. Yaşar Turan, mayor from AKP in Çukurca, are working together for election.

According to information obtained firstly, Mayor Turan has called the citizens and promised them for money or job in return for voting on AKP. Then brigadier general stepped in when the citizens have not accepted the offers. General called them and told them, if AKP lose the election, this is not good for Çukurca and its residents. Citizens have alleged that, there are suppressions which getting increase since the election date comes closer. According to citizens observation AKP panicked since they have understood that they are going to lose the local election in Çukurca.

‘Our votes not for sale’

Hacı Atay, one of the residents in Çukurca explains: “One week ago I had been called by Mayor of Çukurca. He said, ‘we provide you a job and money or whatever you need as long as you vote on AKP.” I answered back him very clearly about my vote. I said my vote belongs to DTP and any kind of bribe makes no change on my decision. And then I have received another call from brigadier general. He clearly threatened me. General said, it will be not good since we vote on DTP. My vote is not for sale and I’m going to vote for DTP. Everybody knows what kinds of cruel actions have occurred against Kurds since AKP administration has been in charge.

‘Suppressions should end on DTP’

Muhittin Dervişoğlu, from district executive of DTP, also stated that, citizens have been called by mayor and brigadier general and received threat. General and AKP have seen the reality in this area which is DTP most probably will win the election. Thereby, they have panicked and been pressing people by threat or bribe to prevent people from voting on DTP.

According to him, one of Kurd has been arrested when he didn’t accept their offers for selling his vote and this suppression will increase the election date getting closer.

Village guards also part of the suppression

Mehmet Kanar, DTP’s mayoral candidate, point out that village guards are also part of the suppression in the region, where everybody, such as army, government, mayor have acted together in order to prevent DTP’s winning at the oncoming local election.

10 February 2009: Kurdish propaganda and service preparation from Kurdish candidates

The mayoral candidates of the Democratic Society Party or DTP have been preparing for propaganda and service in Kurdish to show their reaction against restrictions on Kurdish language according to the Law of Political Parties. They are promising to municipal service will be made in Kurdish if they win the election.

DTP’s mayoral candidates’ election works are ongoing enthusiastically for incoming election on 29th March while the republic’s prosecutors have been opening investigations about their propaganda which is made in Kurdish during their election travels. Lately an investigation has been launched by the prosecutor for Van mayoral candidate Bekir Kaya, who had written on the election bus Wan instead of Van on the grounds that to use the letters other than Turkish.

Our voters are demanding from us to serve in their mother tongue. If we use Kurdish language during municipal service, our performances have being blockaded for years. Even though these kinds of negative approach to using Kurdish, we have never given up and will not in the future Zülküf Karatekin said on the issue, who is currently mayor of Kayapınar district of Diyarbakir.

I have a copy of the original document and it’s in English. Whoever wants one, shoot me an email.


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