“The enormous US support for the massive atrocities of the 1990s in this region, which are some of the worst in the world in this period, is based on the role of Turkey within the US system of domination of the region. It’s not out of love of the Turks. It is out of love for the services that Turkey can perform in the region.”
~ Noam Chomsky.

The next time you’re in Amed (Diyarbakır), check out the Kurdish phones. From Hürriyet (Thanks to Gordon Taylor for the link):

New mobiles phones for the first time featuring Kurdish as a language option have been an instant hit.

[ . . . ]

“We started selling the mobile phones in Diyarbakır today and we were surprised as the Kurdish mobiles have proven very popular.” [Employee Uğur] Akar also said that they could apply the Kurdish menu to any type of mobile phone and the D550 and D530 models of TTN Mobile also feature a Turkish menu selection. Akar said the price range for the Kurdish menu mobile phones varied from 210 to 250 Turkish liras. Akar announced the opening of the sale of Kurdish phones on a poster in Kurdish on the door of his store that read:”Mizgin, Mizgin, Mizgin, Çave We Roni Derket Telefona Kurdi,” (Good news, good news, good news, Kurdish phones are out).

You know that any phone that’s advertisement starts out “Mizgîn, Mizgîn, Mizgîn” has got to be good.

Also stop by Hevallo’s place because he’s got a post up announcing that Turkey tops the list of human rights abusers, according to the ECHR. According to the report, 57% of the applications to the ECHR were filed against four countries–Turkey, the Russian Federation, Romania, and Ukraine–while applications from 43 other EU countries made up the balance of the total. The ECHR made 257 judgements against Turkey in 2008. Surprise, surprise, surprise! Not.

Gordon Taylor also has a new post at The Pasha and The Gypsy, a re-write of an earlier post about a PKK şehîd named Aynur, “The Mona Lisa of Kurdistan”.

Although I have no love for Hezbollah, you should also take a look at something The Saker posted today regarding First Amendment (i.e. free speech, free expression) rights, or the growing lack thereof. I have to concur with much of The Saker’s commentary:

Commentary: needless to say, the Justice Department under President Obama could drop the charges, but the sad, and frightening, reality is that it will not. So much for Obama’s “yes we can” and promises of change crap. Equally frightening is the silence surrounding this case. With the possible exception of people with severe brain damage, it is plainly clear to anyone that the US list of “terrorist organizations” is purely a political tool to brand some groups and not others, depending on their stance towards the USA and Israel.

[ . . . ]

Phase one: any organization worldwide the US government does not like, it can brand as “terrorist”. Phase two: spreading any information about this organization becomes a federal crime. Phase three: Anyone challenging this risks being jailed.

Oh, yeah, change we can believe in!

There was also this today:

The United States accused a Kurdish group operating in the border region between Iraq and Iran of being controlled by terrorists and moved to financially isolate the group.

The Treasury Department leveled the allegation Wednesday against Free Life Party of Kurdistan, or PJAK, saying it is controlled by the terrorist group Kongra-Gel, or KGK, which also goes by the name of Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK.

The action means that any bank accounts or other financial assets found in the United States belonging to PJAK must be frozen. Americans also are forbidden from contributing money or doing business with the organization.

Again: Surprise, surprise, surprise!

So I guess that’s why these fuckers showed up around here today:

Domain Name treas.gov (U.S. Government)
IP Address 63.167.255.# (Sprint)
ISP Sprint
Continent North America
Country United States (Facts)
Lat/Long 38, -97 (Map)
Language unknown
Operating System Microsoft WinXP
Browser Internet Explorer 6.0
Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; SV1; GTB5; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; InfoPath.1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322)

Internet Explorer?? Losers.

Bianet has a story–and I do mean a story–about Turkish intellectuals who claim that HPG’s website has issued “threats” against Turkish sociologist İsmail Beşikçi by “insulting and denigrating” him. How insults or denigration equal “threats” I haven’t figured out yet, but a similar campaign was promoted a few years ago with Serok as the target. However, the Bianet story does not provide a link to any article by any HPG writers who’ve written anything about Beşikçi. My own search of HPG-Online, which is not available in Turkey, revealed nothing about Beşikçi nor anything about Beşikçi by the accused, Adil Kurtay or Kasım Engin.

It’s another nice try by the propagandists but as far as I’m concerned, either put up or shut up.


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