” . . . in their [Kurdish] case, their cultural level is so low, their mentality so backward, that they cannot be simply in the general Turkish body politic . . . they will die out, economically unfitted for the struggle for life in competition with the more advanced and cultured Turks . . . as many as can will emigrate into Persia and Iraq, while the rest will simply undergo the elimination of the unfit.”
~ Tevfik Rustu Aras, Turkish Foreign Minister, 1927.

That’s right, folks, it’s outrageous, but it’s not a revelation. From the Sunday Telegraph:

Blair entrusts policy to peace, love and harmony

By Patrick Hennessy, Political Editor, Sunday Telegraph
Last Updated: 1:39am GMT 30/10/2006

A top-secret memo seen by The Sunday Telegraph, reveals Tony Blair and his senior officials have drawn up an extraordinary “wish list” of how they would like to see the world looking just 10 years from now.

It is a wildly optimistic vision that might leave even the most naive of political students gaping in disbelief.

Yet, according to a top-secret memo seen by The Sunday Telegraph, Tony Blair and his senior officials have drawn up an extraordinary “wish list” of how they would like to see the world looking just 10 years from now.

Central to their vision is a “significant reduction in the number and intensity of regional conflicts that fuel terror activity, especially that in or directed against the UK”.

The officials list the world’s trouble spots and spell out, in what many would regard as an infeasibly optimistic fashion, the ideal results that British foreign policy must work towards in the next decade.

[ . . . ]

The memo, circulated to senior ministers and security officials, envisages a significant – and controversial – expansion of the European Union to include Turkey and some Balkan states. These must be “stable” and “on their way into the EU”, according to the classified document.

A contentious section deals with the Kurdish populations of Turkey, Iran and Iraq, all of whom face repression. To avoid being seed beds for terrorism, these populations must be “acquiescing in their treatment”. In the Middle East and south Asia generally, there must be “no new failed states, dictatorships or wars” – an extraordinary state of affairs to hope for, let alone to expect.

We have known, since Ocalan’s capture, that the entire international community was working against the Kurdish people and their struggle.

The silence following Helebçe and the greater Anfal campaign was proof of the international community’s complicity in the attempted genocide of Kurds. The silence following the uprisings in Syrian- and Iranian-occupied Kurdistan in the last few years was more proof, as if we needed it, that the international community does not give a damn about Kurds.

In particular, for the sake of Western interests, and the interests of those lapdog states of the West created at the end of World War I, Kurds are required to comply with the gross human rights abuses perpetrated against them by the same dirty gangs who insist that they are legitimate holders of power. Moreover, Turkey’s EU accession process must guarantee a “stable” Turkey for the sake of economic interests, in the same way that the US requires mere economic stability for its Greater Middle East Initiative. Neither of these have anything to do with freedom, democracy, secularism or any of the other buzz words embedded in all the false advertising hype about entrance into, or creation of, these economic clubs.

Remember also that Kurdistan is far too resource rich to leave in the hands of backward mountain savages.

If democracy is the essence of the EU accession process, then make a list of all the Kurds who have been included in the process . . . And I mean real Kurds, not the assimilated Uncle Toms who perpetually inhabit the TBMM, manage their huge, estates from places like Istanbul, and form an integral part of the apparatus of state brutality.

No Kurds have been involved in any of the accession process, a fact which exposes the lie of “democratic reform.” How are we to take an accession process that claims to be democratic if 20 million people have been completely left out of it? By the same token, how is Turkey a democracy when the same 20 million Kurds are not allowed a voice in the national political process?

Democracy, boys and girls, is only good enough for Westerners, and a “stable” Turkey as a member of the EU is only good for Westerners. Make no mistake: if democracy, secularism, social and economic progress, as well as full political rights do not come to Kurds under Turkish repression, neither will they come to Turks.

There are no “seed beds of terrorism” in Kurdistan; there are only seed beds of resistance to occupation and brutality. Whoever wants to find seed beds of terrorism will have to look in the capitals and assemblies of the occupying states, and in the capitals and assemblies of the Western backers of those occupying states. Instead of manufacturing lies about the location of seed beds of terrorism, Mr. Blair would do better to make a sincere mea culpa and declare loudly (not in secret memo): “I have seen the enemy, and he is us!”

If Mr. Blair insists that Kurds acquiesce in their treatment, then you can bet your bottom dollar that every other Western leader insists upon the same thing.

The mask has fallen away and that which we have suspected for so long is finally proven.


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