“The overwhelming conclusion I have drawn from my life in journalism — nearly thirty years so far . . . — is that the American press, powerful as it unquestionably is and protected though it may be by the Constitution and the laws, is not often “robust and uninhibited” but is usually timid and anxious — for respectability at least as much as for profitability.”
~ Tom Wicker, “On Press,” 1978.

The hevals at KurdishInfo have published an update on the Joe Ralston conflict of interest. This one has to do with the sale of the new Lockheed Martin F-35 JSF to Turkey.

Gelek sipas, birayên min.

Turkey will decide by the end of the year whether it will purchase only the F-35, only the Eurofighter, or a combination of the two.

Last week, TDN reported that, in addition to finalizing the deal on new military attack helicopters, the F-35 JSF project would be discussed at the October meeting of the Defense Industry Executive committee:

He [Murad Bayar, head of the Undersecretariat for the Defense Industry (SSM)] said they wanted to finalize the project as soon as possible, noting that the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) project would also be on the meeting’s agenda. Bayar stressed the importance of the JSF project and added that it and other projects would be discussed at this month’s meeting but that their priority was to finalize the ATAK project.

This meeting is scheduled for next Wednesday, 18 October. Committee members include the following: Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Chief of General Staff General Yasar Buyukanit and Defense Minister Vecdi Gonul.

Isn’t it nice that Old Joe Ralston is in town this week to hobnob with the very people that help make Lockheed Martin the world’s largest defense contractor? Don’t be alarmed. That noise you hear is merely the sound of billions of US taxpayer dollars being sucked into Turkey. After all, as an ally of the US, the US owes it to Turkey, so Turkey can continue to occupy North Kurdistan and North Cyprus . . . and take over all those oilfields in South Kurdistan.


Way to go, Joe.


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