“Somewhere along the line, many Americans relegated the media to a notch on the morality scale only slightly above that of child molesters.”

~ Gregory Kane, Baltimore Sun, 1997.

Rastî has just obtained stunning evidence that proves, without doubt, that the highly respected journalists at the BBC have figured out how to use the Google search engine.

Wednesday evening it was revealed by the BBC that they had finally obtained proficiency in operating the world’s premier search engine, Google, and created a sensation by revealing news from December, 2005. While it wasn’t clear whether BBC executives were aware that the Guardian had reported the same news last December, insiders seem to hint that cub reporter and ace analyst, Magdi Abdelhadi, who broke the story on this nine-month-old news, has become one of the BBC’s rising journalistic stars.

One BBC source, who wished to remain anonymous, told Rastî: “Magdi has certainly made a name for herself with our executive staff, as a result of her keen research and analytic abilities. She is definitely on the fast-track to bigger and better things–perhaps even investigative reporting.”

When asked if she thought there were some inconsistency with the tone of her report about a Kurdish-Israeli relationship, given that Western countries, as well as many Arab and Muslim countries, have close diplomatic and political relationships with the Jewish state, Ms. Abdelhadi stated:

“As an ethnic Arab, I am well aware that many Arab or Muslim countries, such as Turkey, have close relationships with Israel. I also realize that Kurds are primitive, backward, tribal mountain-dwellers, who should not operate under the pretence of civilization on the world stage, thereby establishing political or diplomatic relationships with modern nation-states. Notwithstanding my own personal feelings, I am confident that I remain objective and unbiased in my reporting. It goes without saying that I am a professional.”

When asked what her future plans were, Ms. Abdelhadi replied, “In the next year, I would like to become proficient in the use of Microsoft Wordpad. Gaining mastery over that utility will be a great career boost for me.”


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