“Betrayal is the only truth that sticks.”
~ Arthur Miller, American playwright.

Well, well, well . . . it looks like those on the American Right are a little uptight with Arianna Huffington’s reply of “So what?” to FOX’s Bill O’Reilly’s assertion that Saddam persecuted Kurds.

Here’s her quote:

So what? Our job is not to go there and save the Kurds. Our job to keep Americans safe.

Read more here.

I don’t quite understand why the Right is worked up about this, because Huffington’s attitude is typical of the American attitude toward Kurds and typical of the American attitude toward Americans. All right, I lied. I understand very well what the American Right is so worked up about, and it sure as hell has less to do with Kurds than it does with a big Republican win in the midterm elections or defense of Bush as Bush.

O’Reilly even managed to run one of the KDC’s advertisements so that Huffington could see happy Kurds thanking America. It made no difference to Huffington that the Başûrî truly have been overjoyed at the fall of Saddam, and that is one of the problems of the commercials; it’s a general “Thank You,” and not specific. In other words, the commercials are propaganda in that they do not tell the whole story of America’s betrayal of the Kurdish people.

After all, where were the Americans in 1988, when the Anfal campaign was in full swing? Do some time travel back to 1975, and find out where the Americans were for the Algiers Agreement. Where was America when its Secretary of State said, “Covert action should not be confused with missionary work,” as America sold out the Kurds to Saddam and the Shah? Where was America when Stephen Pelletiere and the Army War College were placing the blame for the chemical attacks against Helebçe and the surrounding area on the Iranians, in order to cover for the American ally, Saddam?

Where was America during the serhildan in Syrian-occupied Kurdistan, in March, 2004, or where was America during the serhildan in Iranian-occupied Kurdistan last July and August?

Where were the Americans for decades, as America’s Other Ally, Turkey, used American weapons’ systems to brutalize the Kurds under Turkish occupation? Doubters should check the US Department of State’s own human rights reports–as sorry and lame as they are–from 1995 to today. When you finish go research everything that Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have on the subject. Then research the findings from the ECHR–always too little, too late where Turkish atrocities are concerned–on the volumes of findings that court has leveled against America’s ally because of its racist brutality against Kurds.

Where is America, at this moment, regarding the Kurds under Turkish occupation?

Why, America is sitting with the pashas, directing them in their new campaign of genocide. America is reestablishing it’s Gladio operations in Turkey. America is an accessory to the crime of the continued brutality of the Kurdish people, including Tuesday’s murder of Kurds in Amed.

But it’s all done to keep Americans safe! Search in vain, for you will find none of this on any nightly newscast, and certainly not on FOX . . . unless, of course the Bush Administration needs a little help for the war effort, or the Democrats want to find and exploit a crack in the Republican facade.

Let’s not BS around with this. Nowhere, on the American political spectrum, is there anyone who is innocent. Both Democrats and Republicans are guilty in this regard, and do you know why that is, dear Rastî reader? There is no serious political debate whatsoever in the United States, no serious dialog, no discourse. There is nothing whatsoever, not even from those vastly overrated intellectuals ensconced securely in their shining, white, Ivory Towers, where they are snugly protected from any contact with the reality of their own people, much less with the reality on the ground of the Kurdish people.

Where the KDC’s advertisements went wrong was that they didn’t really explain anything about Kurdistan Başûr and it certainly did not explain anything about America’s betrayals of Kurds for the sake of “keep[ing] Americans safe.” Nor is there any American support for democratic Kurdish movements, even in Başûr. Those few who know about the recent uprisings against the KRG because of corruption and lack of services and jobs only find them utilitarian for their political purposes. They don’t really give a damn about Kurds living or dying . . . just like old Arianna Huffington.

It should be abundantly clear that the situation of Kurds will not be improved by hoping in America or anyone else. The only hope of Kurds can only come from Kurds.


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