“It is easier to believe a lie that one has heard a thousand times than to believe a fact that no one has heard before”
~ Anonymous.

I was talking to a friend the other night, and he said to me that the end of the ceasefire and the renewal of clashes in Turkish-occupied Kurdistan had come as a shock to the Turkish people. They believed their government, and the government-controlled media, that told them the Kurdish freedom movement died with the capture of Apo, and when the unilateral ceasefire began, lasting for five years, they mistook it for The End, for peace.

My friend is right.

Now, the Turkish people are angry and confused because they were lied to by their government; they have no idea why their children are dying. The Turkish people have no idea of the atrocities committed by their government against the Kurdish people. In this respect, their government lies to them by omission. This ignorance of the reasons why one fights is something that doesn’t affect Kurds, because Kurds know why they fight. Kurdish gerîlas know very well why they fight. Kurdish parents know very well what their children fight for.

It would seem that Mr. Erdogan doesn’t get it. Last week, Erdogan told a crowd in Balikesir that military service was not a time to relax, that it was dangerous and was no vacation. Strangely enough, a vacation in Turkey is dangerous too, but I suppose the irony of this is lost on someone as dense as Erdogan.

Later, in an opinion piece on TDN, criticized the fact that no child of the Turkish elites has ever done military service in “The Region,” even though all are required to do military service. This is true. Those who end up on the wrong end of an HPG weapon are never from the elites, but are always from those who don’t have the money or the influence to avoid serving as occupation troops in North Kurdistan.

By Friday, those attending a funeral of a dead Mehmetcik protested in Bergama, indicating that they had caught on to this discrepancy between the privileged and the ordinary people. They began to call for Erdogan to send his own son to “The Region,” and what an honor it would truly be for the religious prime minister to have a martyr for a son. Still, fat chance that such a thing will happen. Meanwhile, it looks like ordinary Turks are less and less willing to send their children to Lebanon, even though pundits like Ilnur Cevik believe Lebanon will be much safer than Turkish-occupied Kurdistan.

On that, I’ll agree with Ilnur, for a change, even while I wonder if his son served in the occupied territory.

The truly unfortunate thing is that all of this could end in a matter of days if the Ankara regime were willing to meet the conditions set forth by Koma Komalên Kurdistan at the end of August. It could end in a matter of days if the racist Ankara regime were willing to engage the Kurdish people with the justice that is due them by virtue of their humanity.

Sadly, it appears that the stench of Turkish dead has not reached the elites yet, even while the ordinary Turk is reeling from it. Instead, the regime cries to the US for help in coordinating a war that has a very cheap price fo those elites. After all, it’s only the unprivileged of Turkish society that pay for the stupidity and pig-headedness of their own rulers.

On the other hand, the ruling elite doesn’t even treat the Turkish people with the justice that is due them by virtue of their humanity.

In spite of all this, no one should expect that the Kurdish people must remain passive for the sake of the stupidity and pig-headedness of the Ankara regime. Like every other people on earth, the Kurdish people have the obligation to defend themselves from vicious aggressors.

The truth of the matter is that, in a just world, these elites would not only be concerned with saving their children from death as part of a brutal, military occupation force, but they would also be worried about saving their own necks from the wrath of the Turkish people.


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