“Turkey aims to defeat the Kurds through military aggression, isolation and repression against our movement. We have no other option but to resist such attacks. Resistance is our legitimate right. Resistance is a right enshrined under international law. As long as the Kurdish Question remains unresolved we will resort to our legitimate right to resistance. We will not accept surrender or death.”
~ Cemil Bayik.

Kurdish gerîlas of the HPG sent a fiery warning to the fascist regimes in both Ankara and Teheran, late Saturday night, by conducting a successful operation against a natual gas pipeline near Agri. More from the Washington Post:

ANKARA, Turkey — A suspected Kurdish rebel attack caused an explosion and huge fire on a natural gas pipeline in eastern Turkey, the Energy Ministry said.

The region’s governor, Halil Ibrahim Akpinar, said separatist Kurds were suspected of carrying out an attack on the pipeline. He did not say if a bomb was believed to have caused the explosion.

The blast shook houses in nearby villages, the private Dogan news agency reported.

Gas flows to the nearby province of Erzincan were cut, Energy Ministry spokesman Bulent Ismen said.

Paramilitary police sealed off the area and firefighting teams were dispatched to the region.

Turkey has been importing natural gas from Iran through the 1,598-mile pipeline since 2001. Turkish and Iranian officials are reportedly discussing expanding the pipeline for exports to Europe.

Rebels of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, previously have sabotaged pipelines as part of their struggle for an autonomous homeland in southeastern Turkey. More than 37,000 people have been killed since the rebels took up arms in 1984.

The group is considered a terrorist organization by Turkey, the United States and the European Union. Turkey is pressing the United States and Iraq to crack down on the rebels, many of whom are based in northern Iraq.

ANF reports that the blast was felt up to 40 kilometers away and a devastating fire was produced by the explosion. Flames from the blaze were seen in Kars and Igdir. The HPG operation against the Turkish and Iranian regimes is a warning to them in response to their recent joint military operations in the region, confirmed an HPG-BIM statement.

More news is available at Reuters and CNN.

As Murat Karayilan said in May, if Turkey or Iran attack any Kurdish factions, guerrilla war will be the result. From the Scotsman:

“If Iran and Turkey continue attacking the bases of the PKK or other Kurdish factions, the PKK will launch a guerrilla war against Turkey because the PKK has forces in Turkish areas,” Murat Karayilan, a PKK leader, told a news conference.

Now, if anyone thinks this operation was launched from Qandîl, go find a map and locate all the places mentioned so far. Compare them in relation to Qandîl. The fact is that HPG and PJAK are among the populations of Turkish- and Iranian-occupied Kurdistan.

Turkey and Iran have recently agreed to a joint venture to export Iranian natural gas to Europe via Turkey’s pipelines, from MehrNews.com:

TEHRAN, Aug. 18 (MNA) – The Islamic Republic of Iran is to export natural gas to Europe via neighboring Turkey, said the oil minister upon his return from Ankara late at night on Wednesday.

This, however, is not going to take place through construction of a new pipeline to deliver gas to Europe. The current Iran-Turkey gas pipeline would be a good option to this end. Both sides have decided to consider the issue in the next round of talks in Tehran, Kazem Vaziri-Hamaneh added.

“During this visit, Iran’s gas export projects through Turkey were clarified and will soon be finalized,” PIN quoted the minister as saying on Friday.

“It was planned to increase the capacity of Iran’s pipeline, which is connected to the Turkish pipeline, and export gas to Europe jointly with Turkey,” said the minister without elaborating on when exports would begin.

Turkey buys gas via a pipeline from the northwestern Iranian city of Tabriz to Ankara, which was inaugurated in December 2001.

“There are three options to export gas from Iran to Europe via Turkey, of which, Nabucco Project (Turkey-Austria) and the existing pipe are still on the agenda,” Vaziri-Hamaneh said, stipulating 90 percent of Nabucco’s available capacity is going to be assigned for Iranian gas export venture.

“Moreover, five billion cubic meters of existing line between the two countries is to be allocated to us to transport gas to the border point destined for Europe,” the minister elaborated, adding his counterpart expressed his respective government’s willingness to invest in energy field in Iran during the talks held in Turkey last week.

It would appear that Austria is involved in this venture as well. Austria is the main European country involved in European-Turkish plans to resurrect the Ilisu project. The Ilisu project is specifially designed to forcibly displace up to 78,000 Kurds, destroy the ancient and beautiful city of Hasankeyf, as well as all the cultural artifacts of the area. It will also destroy any evidence of mass graves of those who became victims of the fascist policies of the Ankara regime.

Europeans should think twice before engaging in the unethical exploitation of the Kurdish people, something that the Europeans have so far ignored from their own greed. If they continue with unethical policies that severely affect Kurdistan, then it is fitting that they become indirect victims of those policies.

The EU has not been transparent with regard to Turkey’s EU accession requirements especially in regard to the political, cultural and human rights of the Kurdish people under Turkish occupation. Instead, the EU has ignored the suffering of Kurds and encouraged them to accept whatever the Ankara regime wishes to grant. All of this has been done for the sake of filthy lucre; in effect, the EU has sold the Kurds in order to turn a buck with Ankara. This is not acceptable.

Meanwhile, back in South Kurdistan, the evil mullah regime continued to bomb Kurdish villages. From the NYTimes:

SULAIMANIYA, Iraq, Aug. 19 — Artillery shells fired from Iran have landed in remote northern villages of Iraqi Kurdistan in the past four days and have killed at least two civilians and wounded four others, a senior Kurdish official said Saturday. Dozens of families have fled the region.

The shells have been aimed at an area around Qandil Mountain, known as a base for militant Kurdish opposition groups seeking independence from Turkey and Iran, said the official, Mustafa Sayed Qadir, a senior member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, which governs the eastern half of Iraqi Kurdistan.

“A lot of homes have been damaged and livestock killed,” he said. A shepherd was wounded Saturday, and two women were among the three people wounded on previous days, he added.

The government of Iraq is aware of the shelling, which has taken place occasionally in recent months, but has not taken an official position, he said.

The president of Iraq, Jalal Talabani, is the head of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan. He has at times had a close relationship with Iran, especially when he sought Iranian support in the 1990’s against rival Kurdish leaders and Saddam Hussein. But Mr. Talabani is also aware of the Iranian government’s poor treatment of its Kurdish minority. Iranian officials could not be reached for comment Saturday evening.

Iranian officials could not be reached for comment because they were busy on Saturday evening watching their business deal with Turkey go up in flames.

While the Baghdad government and the KRG are unwilling and unable to give a proper response to the aggressors, HPG and PJAK move freely through Turkish- and Iranian-occupied Kurdistan to do just that.

May they go from from strength to strength.


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