“Democracy is a government where you can say what you think even if you don’t think.”
~ Unknown.

I stumbled upon some photos from a “Stop the US-Israeli War” rally in San Francisco. Funny. . . I wasn’t aware that the US was at war with Israel. I guess I don’t watch enough TV.

Anyway, I thought I’d post a few here so everyone can see how messed up America is.

I think this woman is part of the “Chicks for Hezballah” crowd. I dare her to walk down any street in Iran while wearing that outfit. Such an experience would be a reality check that might serve to temper her enthusiasm for the evil mullahs. She probably thinks “getting stoned” in Iran has the same meaning as “getting stoned” in SF.

This guy has what’s known as a self-esteem problem.

These guys in blue are what pass for “security” in SF, and they’re also known as SF’s finest. Nothing much was going on at their local Starbucks, so they decided to wander on down to watch Nasrallah’s supporters.

Here’s Nasrallah now, making his way through the crowd of his adoring fans.

Nasrallah takes up residence on a sign post in front of SF City Hall. He’d probably be a very successful candidate for mayor. Not only that, he could bomb all those nasty people to the south, in San Mateo County.

As you can clearly see from the sign, there are illiterate women in America too. Obviously she can’t read or she wouldn’t be caught dead in public with a spelling faux pas like this one. The person who wrote the sign for her must have purposely misspelled “coup d’etat” as a practical joke, kind of like taping a “Kick Me” sign on someone’s back and snickering about it.

As for what the sign actually means, I have no idea. “Fan Flames?” “Christian Fundamentalists?” Go figure.

For those who don’t know, “kike” is like “çıfıt” in Turkish. I wonder how this guy would feel if someone walked around with a sign that read: “Nazi Chinks Out of US?”

I saved my favorite for last–the HAMAS flag in front of City Hall. Somehow, it seems appropriate in light of the fact that all the Lunatic Fringers are pacifists who pretend that they love everybody.

Kind of odd, isn’t it, that in this protest, there was no mention of the occupation of Kurdistan? I guess that’s because the only people in attendance were the supporters of the enemies of Kurdistan.

THIS JUST IN . . . Ahmedinutjob has started his own blog. American newsman, Mike Wallace, recently interviewed Iran’s head squirrel and characterized him as “smart as hell.”

However, Ahmedinutjob, admits that he had to have adult help to read newspapers while in the first grade. Obviously, then, he’s not so smart. I read newspapers in the first grade without adult help, even reading them and to my mom as she made dinner.

He’s not quite as “smart as hell,” is he? I think Alzheimer’s is setting in with old Mike.


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