“When the militants catch a Kurd they feel like they have got a precious thing.”
~ Ata Osman, Başurî Kurd.

There is something new at IWPR about the kidnapping of Kurds along the “Highway of Death” or the Uzem Road, the main thoroughfare between Baghdad and Kerkuk.

According to Kurds who have survived kidnapping, thanks to families who were able to pay ransom, the kidnappers fall into three groups: ordinary criminals, former Ba’athists, and religious nutcase jihadis. All of these have one thing in common, and that is that they are all Arabs, a group of people who consider that being a Kurd is a crime in itself.

Even the Arab police are in full support of their brother Arabs, proving that there is a certain “honor” among all of these thieves and murderers. The “honor” extends to the entire Western media, every journalist of which has destroyed billions of trees to convince all the rest of us what victims the Arabs truly are. Nowadays the same “unbiased” journalists waste precious bandwidth spewing their victimization lies all across the internet.

Don’t believe me? Compare the media’s coverage of the so-called “humanitarian” crisis of the Palestinians, who are nothing more than garden-variety Arabs (absolutely no different than the Arabs prowling the Uzem Road to steal from and murder Kurds), with their coverage of TSK’s killing of an HPG gerîla yesterday, or with their coverage of the Kurdish boys arrested by Iran the other day for their participation in the serhildan last August.

Still don’t believe me? How much of the Amed serhildan was carried in the Western media? How much reporting was there of Kurdish children, dead from bird flu, because the Turkish government purposely refused to act swiftly to contain the spread of the disease in Turkish-occupied Kurdistan? That’s right, those children were “Turkish,” weren’t they? How many reports appeared in the Western media about the serhildan in Iranian-occupied Kurdistan last year? Or of the serhildan in Syrian-occupied Kurdistan the year before? How many reports were ever carried about the fight for freedom under Barzanî Namirî?

Don’t think that the Right is any better in this regard. They simply come at it from a different angle, the terrorist angle. They are masters at ignoring the atrocious treatment that their “secular and democratic” ally, Turkey, has dished out to Kurds since 1923.

Remember Erdogan, who never misses an opportunity to engage in his own brand of Turkish antisemitism to support every Palestinian Arab with a hangnail? Yet Erdogan is on record as stating that he would not support a homeland for Kurds even if it were located in Argentina, and he orders Turkish security forces to murder Kurdish women and children as if they were rats.

But the Palestinian Arabs, all two million of them, receive all of Western media’s attention, are lavished with Western money, and are supported by every Lunatic Fringer from here to Timbuktu. The Western hypocrites will do anything to secure a homeland for their Arab darlings while, at the same time, either completely ignore the right of 40 million Kurds to have any piece of land to call home or label as terrorists any Kurd who fights against the repressive regimes established by the West.

Let an Arab in Gaza or the West Bank go cross-eyed or suffer a case of indigestion, and you will read about nothing else in Western headlines, you will hear of nothing else from Western academe, you will see nothing else on vastly overrated Western TV broadcasts.

This is not because the West loves Arabs. It’s not because other Arabs love Arabs. It’s not even because other Muslims love Arabs. Think about the Muslim world’s total silence over the genocide of majority Muslim Kurds (For that matter, think about the Muslim world’s total silence over Muslim-on-Muslim violence, even if you ignore the Kurdish factor in that equation). It’s because they all hate Jews that much. If Jews were the enemy of Kurds, you would hear about nothing but the genocide of Kurds in the Western media and in the Muslim world. If that were the case, everybody would know every detail of Kurdish history and every detail of every atrocity perpetrated against Kurds by every Turk, every Persian, every Arab, by every Muslim, and by the West’s callous permission of those atrocities.

As reality stands, Kurds don’t have Jews as enemies. Kurds have had the misfortune to have all the darlings of the West as their enemies–Turks, Persians, and Arabs. For this reason, the West, the Turks, the Persians, the Arabs, the entire Muslim world, will say nothing about the kidnapping, murder and sexual abuse of Kurds along the Uzem Road. The Arab police, the US military, the US government, the Baghdad government will all continue to support the same.

“When the militants catch a Kurd they feel like they have got a precious thing,” he said. “Whatever they want you have to give them, if you don’t have it you should get it somewhere, or they will kill you.”

Indeed. When they catch a Kurd, they have caught a precious treasure.

What’s a Kurd to do, then? Fight only for Kurdish interests, no matter where you are or how you fight. Educate yourself so that you can clearly see through the lies, including the lies of omission. Forget the bullshit that divides Kurds and don’t let anyone generate more bullshit. Never think your allies are your friends; there are no friends in politics, only in personal life. Never confuse these two, because one day, the ally will become expendable.

Hey! Do you think if we bombed Jerusalem, anyone would pay attention?


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