That’s right. has now gone blogging and I have added a link under “Blogs.” The old site is still available and is an excellent resource for doza me in general and doza me under Turkish-occupation in particular. For that reason, I am keeping the old link under “Links.” For those of you who don’t know, doza me means “our cause.”

Berxwedan already has a couple of posts up, here, and I recommend a regular read. If you’re not careful, you will learn a lot. I should know, since I consider Berxwedan one of my teachers.

I don’t have to say it, because I know that Berxwedan knows, but I will say it anyway for everyone else: I wish him the best of luck and great success with the DozaMe blog.

It’s always good to have a comrade in battle.

Serkeftin, heval!


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