There is an interesting entry about the history of Kurdish language from Hajhar at Hubble2005.

After reminding us of all the great achievements of Kurds for the neighbors, we get this:

It is very interesting to notice that within those Kurdish principalities that were governed by independent Kurdish dynasties such as, for example, Hasnavi (founded 959)(9), Dostaki (990 – 1096)(10), etc., the Kurdish language was not used as the official written language. It remained however, the language of the people and was the main means of communication between the people and their rulers. This neglect and lack of concern caused negative repercussions for the Kurds, which can still be felt today. [. . . . ]

In any case, if one doesn’t speak about one’s self, or doesn’t pursue one’s own interests, others will do it for you and often incorrectly.

BINGO! Thanks for the reminder, Hajhar.

Also it appears that the Faily Kurdish party will support the Kurdistan Coalition List in the upcoming elections, from RFE/RL. In addition, there is a United Faily Kurdish Alliance platform and notes on a conference held by the Faily Kurds.

Background info on the Faily Kurds can be found at the Faily Kurds home page.

For those who want more election preparation, check out Hiwa’s translation of the PÇDK manifesto.


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